Simplifying disposal authorisation requirements

Removing barriers and implementing efficient disposal programs is currently the main focus for Government Recordkeeping. Check out our Digitisation Disposal Policy* and the Managing public records when decommissioning business systems methodology and toolkit for changes which simplify disposal authorisation requirements.

What needed simplifying?

We found that the final disposal of public records differed depending on the format of the records. For example, an authorised delegate:

  • could authorise the disposal of paper records covered by an approved retention and disposal schedule
  • could not sign off on the compliance declaration for the Digitisation Disposal Policy or an application to decommission a business system.

Why has this change occurred?

Inconsistent requirements – the disposal of digital records was considered to carry a higher risk than the disposal of paper records and currently could not be delegated from the CEO who has responsibility for recordkeeping under the Public Records Act 2002.

Trust and responsibility – delegations are designed to be performed by an appropriately qualified person and therefore the inherent risk in disposing of public records should be the same for all formats of records.

What has been simplified?

An authorised delegate can now sign or approve the following:

Digitisation Disposal Policy:

  • compliance declaration for a public authority.
  • disposal of records under QDAN656v2.

Managing public records when decommissioning business systems methodology and toolkit:

  • application for the early and one-off disposal of records in business systems.
  • application for lost digital public records within a business system.

The relevant forms and supporting advice have been updated and can be found on our website Queensland State Archives website^

Let’s simplify other processes

Are there any other administrative barriers that we could look at that would help you to implement a records disposal program? Are there any current disposal requirements that if removed would make your life a whole lot easier?

If you have any suggestions that you would like Government Recordkeeping to look at, please post them directly to our blog page or via email at

*The Digitisation Disposal Policy has been replaced by the Source Records Disposal guideline.

^Please note: This refers to the previous website. All QSA recordkeeping advice has moved to

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  1. The team at Department of the Premier and Cabinet would like to say thank you for the hard work by the staff at Queensland State Archives to achieve the delegation change. This work has resulted in DPC and QSA building deeper relationships.

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