Keeping records together

The QSA Government Recordkeeping team have been hard at work looking at how we do things and how we can make it easier for public authorities to manage their public records. We’re working with our clients to make sure we are ‘Keeping records together’.

With this in mind, we’re launching some new tools and advice that we hope will make your job easier. We’re also asking for your feedback to help us solve some of those common recordkeeping problems like managing digital records and using the GRDS.

Check out our new tools below. Be sure to check back regularly as more advice is released.

Customer Charter

We’re taking our commitment to clients to the next level with a brand new customer charter! Check it out here.

Born Digital, Stay Digital Discussion Paper

We have been working with the Queensland Government Chief Information Office (QGCIO) on our Born digital, stay digital discussion paper which we have now released for feedback.

Queensland records – How we do it


Queensland records – How we do it is our new overarching framework for how recordkeeping is done in public authorities. It replaces our Recordkeeping Policy Framework Diagram and represents a major shift in our approach to how we all manage records!

To check out Queensland records – How we do it, go to the Recordkeeping for Government page.

GRDS Renewal Program

Can you really believe the GRDS has not substantially changed in the last 17 years? We are taking a close look at the schedule that is our most downloaded document on the government recordkeeping section of the QSA website and we need your help to improve it. Check out GRDS Renewal page for more information on how you can join the conversation.

New dedicated recordkeeping email address

Government Recordkeeping now has a dedicated email address to make it easier for you to contact the team. You can send all policy, appraisal, machinery-of-government and retention and disposal queries to and a member of the team will respond to your request.

What records do you need to keep?

Records are just pieces of paper that areas like finance deal with, right? Well… sort of. Records are virtually anything, in any format, that relate to official business and need to be kept for future reference. To make it easier for you to quickly and easily decide what, in your day to day business, may be a record – check out our new cheat sheet all about what records you need to keep!


Is it true that ALL records need to be kept for 7 years? False! Find out why, and dispel other common recordkeeping myths, with Mythbusters! Our first, in a series of many, is dedicated to retention and disposal but we will be dispelling many more so keep checking back. If you have any recordkeeping myths you would love to dispel for good, let us know!

Published retention and disposal schedules

We have changed how you find authorised retention and disposal schedules on our website. They are all now available on one page and we have added more context. We have also started to publish our appraisal logs which provide information and the rationale on how long public authorities should keep their records. Look out for more schedules as they are approved.

Please note: This blog post refers to and contains links to our previous website. All QSA recordkeeping advice has moved to

4 thoughts on “Keeping records together

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  1. The two new publications: ‘What records you need to keep?’ and ‘Mythbusters’ are excellent, succinct and great documents for distributing around the organisation. With your permission I will place these in our EDRMS eNews for this month. Just one tiny little thing – the links you sent in your email are broken. Love the new Customer Charter. More links to your blogs on Twitter etc please!

    1. Hi Angie, thanks for your kind and positive comments. We are more than happy for you to place the new documents in your EDRMS eNews. The broken links are fixed and working as well. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months for more blogs, tweets and Facebook post

  2. I have to agree with Angie on how useful “What records you need to keep?” and “Mythbusters”. The first publication link has already been circulated to all our staff (the PA to the CEO sent it out to all staff in seconds of receiving it), printed versions distributed to all new staff at our induction day on Monday 17th, A3 versions appeared on walls around Council et al. I’ll send ‘Mythbusters’ out a little later to support our new disposal/destruction policy and procedures documents.
    I also love the “Queensland Records – How we do it” diagram and I am already looking at how I can use the original in meetings/training. I’d like to adapt (with QSA’s permission) the diagram so that it positions our records management unit at the top and our business units at the bottom. This is so they get a quick visual understanding that recordkeeping is everyone’s responsibility and how it all interconnects (of course QSA would appear on the diagram as well).
    Please keep these type of documents coming – not only are they educational, they also boost the morale of records/information staff. My team are now feeling as though they are playing a role in something much larger and greater than just capturing the records of a regional Council.
    QSA rocks!

    1. Hi Pat, thanks so much for the wonderful feedback. It’s great to hear that our new style of advice is useful and that you want to take it even further within your Council. Of course you can adapt the “Queensland Records – How we do it” diagram to showcase your records team and Council business units – that’s an awesome idea! We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the discussion papers.

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