Born digital, stay digital discussion paper

This week we released the (hotly anticipated!) Born digital, stay digital discussion paper for consultation! We have been working with the Queensland Government Chief Information Office (QGCIO) over recent months to develop the discussion paper and we are really looking forward to receiving your feedback.


To give you some background, the discussion paper has been developed in response to action 6.01 of the Queensland Government ICT Strategy 2013-17 Action Plan. The Born digital, stay digital (BDSD) initiative also supports our own Digital Continuity Strategy by encouraging public authorities to make sure their critical digital records are managed properly for their entire life, through the development of key systems and processes.

We first consulted on BDSD in March 2014 and targeted a cross-section of public authorities. This consultation revealed strong support for the BDSD initiative – that information which is born digitally, should be managed digitally throughout its life. The consultation also highlighted some potential barriers for public authorities who transition to a born digital, stay digital approach to records and information management.

This discussion paper aims to:

  • explore the challenges public authorities face managing born digital public records in digital form over the entire life of those records
  • seek the views of public authorities on appropriate strategies for addressing these challenges.

The discussion paper outlines three options to respond to the digital recordkeeping challenges:

Option 1: General guidance – for QSA and QGCIO produce a range of policies and advice to assist Queensland public authorities manage their information and associated recordkeeping responsibilities.

Option 2: Centre-led approach – QSA and QGCIO to set whole-of-government direction, policies and standards. Public authorities would then be able to use available resources to develop their own self-paced implementation plans.

QSA will also work with partners to reduce barriers to digital recordkeeping at a whole-of-government level (e.g. perceived barriers to the use of electronic signatures).

Option 3: Defined roadmap – QSA and QGCIO to set specific implementation timeframes which would ensure public authorities understood what change is required, and when.

The discussion paper includes actions which could be undertaken for each option.

We’ve also included a number of case studies to give you some context, from the increasing amount of paper being created and stored (despite government services becoming increasingly digital), to the demonstrated cost savings and benefits of performing functions digitally.

We’re keen to receive your feedback on the discussion paper by Wednesday 24 December 2014.

Head to our website to find the discussion paper and feedback form:

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