Queensland Records: how we do it

Queensland records: how we do it

Last week we unveiled ‘Queensland Records: how we do it’ (a much better name than Recordkeeping Policy Framework diagram – don’t you think?).

We hope the new diagram:

  • communicates the recordkeeping roles of QSA and public authorities
  • shows what’s involved in records management
  • helps with understanding the importance of records management to their business
  • shows our new approach to working in partnership with public authorities.

So, why a new diagram?

This new diagram is one output from the first comprehensive review of our former Recordkeeping Policy Framework. For those who don’t remember it, the old diagram focused on QSA, our Act, our information standards, our policies and our guidelines. Really it was all about QSA and it looked like this:

Queensland Government Recordkeeping Policy Framework
The previous Queensland Government Recordkeeping Policy Framework

The old diagram didn’t recognise:

  • the essential role public authorities play
  • the vital links between public authorities and QSA
  • the potential to develop partnerships
  • the importance of public records – both temporary and permanent.

But the new diagram does! And the new diagram is future proof – it doesn’t need changing every time we issue a new policy or guideline.

How did we develop the new diagram?

The Framework review has been a long journey, with thinking and re-thinking, taking on feedback, shifting mindsets and testing new approaches. We did two rounds of consultation (a focus group and general feedback on the draft diagram). Thank you to those public authorities who participated and helped shape the diagram! We hope you like it as much as we do.

So what’s next?

Another key recommendation from the Framework review means significant changes for our recordkeeping advice.  We’ll be developing our new resource centre (bear with us we’re still thinking of a name for the resource!) – our new web-based recordkeeping advice will be more like a book with a contents page (a single point of truth) rather than lots of separate pieces of advice which aren’t linked. And instead of reviewing all the advice we have, we’ll be starting from scratch and writing easy to understand and practical advice for you. Keep an eye out for that next year! We also ultimately hope to make the diagram interactive on our website – so you could seek advice through the resource centre or by clicking on different parts of the diagram.

Queensland records – How we do it marks the beginning of big changes at QSA. Stay tuned for future updates!

Let us know what you think of our new diagram – we’d love to hear from you.

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