Keeping records together celebration wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who joined in our first Keeping records together celebration on Wednesday 17 December.  We hope you had a great time and thank you for your feedback and participation.

Did you miss the celebration? Never fear, here is a wrap up of the morning!

On arrival, our guests registered, grabbed their Christmas name badges and were invited on a tour of QSA. Our guests were then treated to a Christmas spread of fruit mince pies, Christmas fruit cake, sausage rolls, cheese and crackers plus (non-alcoholic!) egg nog.

We started with introductions and presentations.  First up was Josephine Marsh, A/Director Government Recordkeeping talking about the different initiatives we launched on 17 November under the banner of Keeping records together. These included the Customer charter, Born Digital Stay Digital and GRDS Renewal Discussion Papers, revised policy framework diagram, dedicated email address, ‘What records do I need to keep?’ and retention and disposal Mythbusters.  Our new products highlight a change in direction for QSA where we partner with agencies to help solve their recordkeeping issues and publish practical and relevant advice.

Josephine also spoke about our upcoming initiatives in 2015 (including GRDS Lite) and highlighted the big wins from QSA going Paperlite. She also promoted our social media presence, especially the use of #keepingrecordstogether on Twitter. Several attendees took up the challenge and tweeted during the morning.

Josephine Marsh, A/Director Government Recordkeeping

Next up was Adrian Cunningham, Director Digital Archives who spoke about where QSA is on the digital archive journey. The focus during 2014 has been on planning a whole-of-government digital archives program and seeking the views and support of key stakeholders, including the Directors-General Council. The project is now in a ‘test and prove’ stage; testing particular digital archiving tools and services and developing a range of scenarios and user cases. More formal market engagement is planned for 2015. Adrian gave a great analogy that QSA doesn’t want to be in a tinnie in the backwash of the Queen Mary, rather we want to be on the bridge steering the ship!

Adrian Cunningham, Director Digital Archives

We finished up with Joanne Colwell, Manager Collections & Preservation talking about the transfers refresh program born out of surging demand from agencies to transfer records to QSA. The project has involved value stream mapping and supply chain analysis to identify efficiencies, which is translating into big increases in transfer volumes. This same innovative process mapping is also being used internally to look at File Issue and Records Retrieval, Digitisation and Conservation activities. Watch this space for more updates in the New Year!

Joanne Colwell, Manager Collections & Preservation

Following the presentations we introduced attendees to speed networking. Each QSA staff member had a name tag with a by-line of their area of expertise, for example, Derek: talk to me about business information systems or Ingrid: talk to me about Digital Archives. This proved popular with attendees taking the chance to discuss recordkeeping issues with different QSA staff members. The demonstration of a potential digital archiving solution as well as Born Digital, Stay Digital and GRDS renewal generated  useful discussions and feedback from our clients.


To finish off a great morning, we held two tours of the archives ably hosted by Elizabeth Hawkins and Fiona Gaske. Everyone was impressed with the repositories, our records and where the action takes place when transfers come in.  Our Preservation team also showed how they were preparing a book damaged by acid in the ink.

Alisa Howlett, our official photographer, compiled a Storify of tweets from the day. Thanks to everyone who tweeted and posted photos.


Feedback from attendees has been positive, with clients appreciating the ‘openness of QSA staff and the relaxed feel of the morning’, ‘open discussion opportunities’ and ‘the chance to talk to staff’.

Following the success of our first Keeping records together celebration, we hope to offer more events in the future. If you would like to send feedback, or get in touch for a chat, you can contact us via Twitter, Facebook, email, phone or in the comments below.

If you would like to become a member of the Government Recordkeeping Yammer network, please email us for an invite.

From all of us at Government Recordkeeping – have a wonderful Christmas & happy New Year. See you in 2015!

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