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Are you prepared for a machinery-of-government change? Here’s our MOG Checklist to help you get ready.

Get ready

  • Find out what type of MOG it is, what functions or agencies are impacted and if the legislation includes a provision for the records.
  • Identify all public records of the function(s) involved in the change – this includes copies!
  • Find out which ones are to be transferred and which can be disposed of or transferred to QSA – don’t forget to make a list of them.
  • Check to see if the records are covered by a retention and disposal schedule.
  • Make a note of any specific recordkeeping requirements for the records to be transferred, particularly around their management.
  • If your public authority will cease to exist, talk to us so that a public authority with ongoing responsibilities can be identified.
  • Reach an agreement about how the records should be transferred, managed, accessed and any any specific arrangements around the custody and ownership of records.
  • Talk to your IT people about the transfer of electronic records so they will continue to be usable and accessible.

Transfer the records

  • Give the receiving agency a detailed list of the public records to be transferred.
  • Organise the transfer of records. Make sure you include any related info – indexes, metadata, registers, technical specifications etc.
  • Keep a record of the transfer – list the records transferred, when and to whom.


  • Update your business systems, tools etc to reflect the changes.

Need more information?

We are currently developing new MOG advice, which we will release soon.  In the meantime, if your agency is going through a MOG, or you think you might in the future, please contact us and we can help you through the MOG change.

You can contact us at any time via email, telephone, blog, Twitter or Facebook on any issues relating to MOGs. You can also find more information about MOGs, particularly the on the different types, on our Machinery of Government page on our website.

* A MOG – or Machinery-of-Government change – is an organisational or functional change to a government department or entity.

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