Our house is your house

Over here! Over here! We have moved our recordkeeping blog site over here!

The Government Recordkeeping team have moved all of their content from the main QSA blog over to our very own dedicated recordkeeping blog.

“Why?” we hear you ask.  So we can talk about all things records till we’re blue in the face!

The changes we have been making over recent months have highlighted the need to establish dedicated communication channels so that we can keep you informed of changes as they occur and talk with you about new and exciting ideas we’ve had

By now hopefully most of you will have started to notice the changes we are making as we change some of our communication methods and messages.

Our new approach has been proving quite successful so far with some excellent feedback and we’re eager to continue working with you as we make more improvements.

Now you will have double the fun with two hosted blog sites for QSA. The main QSA blog will continue to host stories about the historical collection, and the ‘Records Connect’ blog will keep you up to date with our latest advice on all things recordkeeping.

So please…

Tell us your thoughts on our new approach and communications to date.

And don’t forget to update your bookmarks with our new blog link.

You can also reach us via Yammer, email rkqueries@archives.qld.gov.au and the good ‘ol fashioned dog and bone (phone): 3131 7777.

Welcome to our new home, and remember…

Nuestra casa es su casa – our house is your house!

Government Recordkeeping team

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  1. Love the new location and not having to wade through other stuff to get to the important bits 🙂
    Is there a link back to some of the collection posts though?

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