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As part of the ongoing development of the Recordkeeping SPOT^, we’ve added some updated advice on recordkeeping for social media and for Yammer. The advice has practical tips on when and how to capture content from the various social media platforms your agency may be using. We’ve taken the stance that some social media content has medium- or long-term value and so should be captured and managed in a dedicated recordkeeping system. But we think that most of it has short-term value only and so can be left and managed in the platforms themselves. The major ones are unlikely to disappear anytime soon and they have sufficient functionality to manage short-term value records. To help you capture the records that matter, we’ve developed a few short and, we hope, simple guides on using the application programming interfaces (APIs) for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Yammer to export content from those platforms. Let us know whether the updated advice hits the mark or could be improved in any way. Just to say, at this stage the advice hasn’t been fully integrated with the new website architecture laid out in our ‘Queensland Records – How we do it’ diagram. But we thought it was useful so decided to put it up a little bit earlier than planned. We may change the location or format of it as we continue to develop the Recordkeeping SPOT^.

Derek Clear

Policy Officer

^Please note: This refers to the previous website. All QSA recordkeeping advice has moved to

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