It’s our 1st blogiversary!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ready to party like the 1961 Lands Department Recreation Club (above). Why, you ask? Records Connect is turning one!

That’s right, we’ve now been blogging for an entire year. That’s 37 posts covering all sorts of topics ranging from social media to MOGS to a complete overhaul of the GRDS. We’ve used Records Connect to launch some pretty interesting discussions and introduce new types of advice.

Here in Government Recordkeeping, our favourite posts from the last year have been:

Back in February, we used our blog to launch this tool. The purpose of What records do I need to keep? is to make it easier to work out what a record is. Our customers still tell us how much they like this tool and we’ve decided to revise it slightly. The updated version contains a bit more information on what records you don’t need to keep so make sure you check it out.

At the beginning of 2015 we started the conversation about the future of the General Retention & Disposal Schedule for Administrative Records (GRDS). We asked you to tell us what you wanted and you didn’t disappoint! You gave us a lot to think about and we’re about to take this further with some consultation, so stay tuned.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this post, please do – we think it’s a really interesting look back at the recordkeeping challenges faced by agencies from 107 years ago. Make sure you check out the comments on this one and get involved in the conversation!

Based on the number of views received, your favourite blog posts have been:

Back in April, we wanted to know your thoughts on opportunities for us to develop agencies’ recordkeeping knowledge and understanding. We asked you to complete a short survey and we had over 180 responses! A month later we blogged about the results of the survey and gave you an overview of responses as well as some of the barriers you identified to improved recordkeeping.

Our favourite part of this blog post is the top tips from a current records manager – they focus on making recordkeeping as easy as possible for everyone in the organisation. A great way to get started is for staff to be able to see the value in their records. Check out the blog post for more.

It’s been a great first year of Records Connect and we’re excited about our next year of blogging. Do you have a favourite blog post? How about suggestions for future posts? Would you be interested in guest blogging for us? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Nicole Hannan

Senior Policy Officer – Government Recordkeeping

Featured image: Lands Department Recreation Club Christmas Dinner, Fancy Dress Parade – Brisbane, December 1961. Digital image ID 20080

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