Recordkeeping skills and knowledge: the next step

Over the past few months we have been gathering information on how best to support agencies in the development of recordkeeping skills and knowledge. We gathered information through circulating a recordkeeping training survey, conducting focus groups and online engagement activities, and consulting with our archival peers. So what has your feedback indicated?tool box pic

Primarily, you have identified the opportunity for QSA to:

  • facilitate conversations, enabling agencies to share information and experiences and to make connections
  • provide a recordkeeping toolbox comprising website resources and online programs, empowering Records Managers to champion information management within their agency and to educate senior management and staff
  • promote the value of recordkeeping, especially to senior executives, fostering discussion around recordkeeping and its place in the information management landscape.

Underpinning these needs, you identified the following key priorities:

  • practical recordkeeping tools and advice
  • knowledge sharing and network building
  • future proofing the management of records
  • information management benchmarks
  • senior strategic buy-in

So what is the next step?

We will now investigate options including: facilitating a program of regular engagement and/or knowledge sharing events; enhancing the Recordkeeping Single Point of Truth (SPOT) on our website with more practical tools and advice; developing recordkeeping awareness and training programs online; engaging in conversations at executive and senior levels around the realignment of recordkeeping within information management.

Naturally we will continue to talk with you. And if at anytime you would like to share your thoughts, remember you can contact us via email, telephone, blog, Twitter or Facebook.

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