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Earlier this year QSA published a blog about the Public Authority Practitioners Group (PAPG)* and extended an invitation for people to join the group. We had a great response and now have members representing 36 different agencies.

At the June 2015 meeting, PAPG members agreed to share the broad discussion points from each meeting for those people that are unable to attend meetings but are interested to hear about the issues that are discussed.

June PAPG discussions

So welcome to the first PAPG meeting discussion points taken from the June 2015 meeting.

  1. QSA Update

QSA use this time to provide a brief update about some of the things we are working on. Briefly discussed were plans for a future review of the Digitisation Disposal Policy, progress with the analysis of data from the Recordkeeping Survey, and the publication of the GRDS Lite.

  1. The challenges of email management

Email continues to be a dominant form of communication in government and due to sheer volumes email management presents a challenge to Queensland government agencies. Discussion centred on the range of approaches that could be adopted to improve email management. Agencies could use a multitude of tools (e.g. people, technology and processes) and tailor them to their business needs. One area that generated a lot of discussion was about the approach taken by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) called Capstone. You can read more about Capstone on the NARA website.

  1. Managing paper mountains

Although agencies are increasingly creating digital content, many are also creating physical records and paying for the cost of storing these records. In line with some of the work QSA has been doing in this area, including our Paperlite initiative, we decided to raise the issue to see how agencies are tackling their paper mountains.

A great deal of discussion on this issue centred on sentencing and appraisal practices, disposal requirements, the costs of offsite storage, and the current Standing Offer Arrangement for the provision of records, storage, retrieval and destruction services.

Also raised was the possibility that a workshop might be useful to provide some practical guidance to assist people that are uncertain about this area and debunk some myths.

Do you have an item you want us to discuss?

Is there an issue that you would like PAPG members to discuss? Let us know and will add it to the agenda for future meetings. We can then post the main discussion points on the Records Connect blog.

If you would like to share your thoughts or like more information about the discussion points, or you would like to provide ideas for agenda items, you can contact us via email, blog, Twitter, Facebook or give us a call on 3131 7730^.

Andrea Metcalf

Senior Policy Officer

*Please note, PAPG has been replaced by our online Community of Records and Information Managers (CORIM) forum.

^For more information about changes to PAPG and the CORIM Forum, contact the Government Recordkeeping team on 3037 6630 or email 

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