Tanki-chi anyone?

No, we haven’t started on a new get fit regime. Tanki-chi, which is Japanese for short term value, was the title of our working draft for the new Transitory Records and Short Term Retention and Disposal Schedule (QDAN720v1).

QDAN720v1 is a flexible tool enabling agencies to manage and destroy records that are not required to be kept for long periods of time, are created for routine business transactions and that have no ongoing value. Given that it’s now been out for a little while, we thought it would be a good time to highlight …

Social media

Did you know that you can dispose of social media posts that your agency creates as part of promotional or for information purposes?

For example, we can dispose of this post once we decide it’s no longer relevant:


The only exception to this is for social media posts that require further follow up action or you are using this as a formal business channel for service delivery or consultation. (Tip: If this applies to any of your social media, check out our webpage on strategies for capturing social media).


Did you know that you can dispose of CCTV surveillance tapes if they are not going to be used as evidence and are overwritten as part of normal CCTV system operations?

For example, you might have CCTV covering a car park that gets overwritten every 7 days.


But don’t go disposing of CCTV tapes if an incident has occurred and the tapes are needed for evidence. GRDS v7 currently requires these records to be “retain[ed] for 1 year after finalisation of investigative process or court proceedings and any appeals processes”. You have told us that this disposal action is hard to implement so we are reviewing this as part of the GRDS renewal project. (Tip: Check out our guideline for further information on managing CCTV records).

Generic retention periods reduced

We have also reduced the retention period for some records from 2 years to “retain until business use ceases”. This gives you the flexibility to decide how long your agency will need to retain these to cover your business, accountability, community and/or cultural requirements.

Join the conversation

What other examples have we included in QDAN720 v1 that makes your life easier? Were there other examples that you were expecting to see? Is there some examples you don’t agree with being in QDAN720?

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Elizabeth Harvey, Appraisal Archivist

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