September 2015 PAPG meeting

Another successful Public Authority Practitioners Group (PAPG) meeting was held on Wednesday 23 September 2015. It was fantastic to have representatives from 26 public authorities attend, providing a lot of discussion and information sharing opportunities.

Highlights from this meeting……..

  1. QSA Update

QSA provided a status report on some of the current activities happening at the moment including feedback on the Extended Conversations events and the release of the 2014-15 Recordkeeping Survey scorecards.

  1. Transfers Outreach Program

Our Transfers Outreach approach for assisting agencies arranging to get their permanent records to QSA was presented. The focus is specific advice based on individual situations; including guidance about the practicalities, like boxing and listing requirements.

We also discussed archive box types and sizes. The shelving at QSA is designed to store six type one archive boxes. Larger boxes, claiming to be “Type Ones” present storage issues and have WHS implications. Good news – archival quality boxes are not required, as we are conscious of the increased costs.

For more information about boxes, check out our blog we’ve recently published. You can also get more information about transferring records on the QSA website.

  1. Training strategies

Providing training to regional areas, particularly when there are minimal resources available, can be challenging. We discussed different strategies agencies could adopt to implement recordkeeping training programs using existing resources. A number of different ideas were put forward including building networks, which can assist to identify any issues as well as provide training in regional areas.

  1. Tweet for discussion

We discussed the tweet recently received by QSA, ‘if an agency provides public Wi-Fi, who is responsible for the data (the agency or ISP)?’. After some discussion, members agreed that it is the ISP that would be responsible for the data.

  1. Body-worn cameras

QSA has been examining the management and disposal of recorded data from the use of body-worn cameras following a query from one of our clients. Body-worn cameras are used by a number of government agencies including law enforcement. As a result, a great deal of recorded data is being generated, but clarity is required in relation to retention and disposal coverage. QSA is currently investigating this area and will be providing further advice on this issue.

  1. QSA online advice

We were interested in getting some feedback from PAPG members on our new approach to providing advice i.e. our revised website advice and social media blogs. We discussed the size of some of the blogs and it was suggested that we narrow the topic to a specific issue, for example, archive boxes. Some ideas for future blogs included ‘Top 10 interesting things that are happening in RIM’ and having a ‘celebrity blogger’.

We also asked for ways agencies could provide feedback. It was suggested we apply ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons to our blogs. We’ve now made some changes so you can let us know you ‘like’ our blogs and you can ‘reblog’ to share them too. Remember, if you would like to be alerted to our blogs by email, you can click on the ‘follow’ button on the bottom right of the Records Connect homepage.

More information?

If you would like to share your thoughts or like more information about the discussion points or would like to provide ideas for future agenda items, you can contact us via email, telephone, blog, Twitter or Facebook.

Andrea Metcalf

Senior Policy Officer

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