Key to knowledge sharing – PAPG November 2015 meeting

Representatives from 18 agencies provided topical discussions at the final Public Authority Practitioners Group (PAPG) meeting for 2015, held on Wednesday 4 November.

Highlights include…

  1. QSA Update
  •  Standing Offer Arrangement – Advice was given on the Queensland Government’s Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) for destruction/storage services, to be extended for another 12 months, following expiry in February 2016. The Department of Housing and Public Works has indicated that a review of the arrangement will begin early next year. As a key stakeholder in the process Queensland State Archives (QSA) will provide feedback. As such we are looking into creating a working group to get feedback from agencies. You can register your interest to be part of the working group by sending us an email.
  • Mythbusting signatures – QSA has recently published a blog and factsheet about wet, electronic and digital signatures. The blog linked to the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001 and now, thanks to input from PAPG members, the mythbuster factsheet also contains this link. This was a popular topic generating a great deal of discussion. As such, we’ve added it to the meeting agenda for the first PAPG meeting for next year scheduled for March 2016.
  • End-of-Year celebration – QSA will again be holding an end-of-year event at Runcorn, tentatively on Wednesday 2 December, to celebrate and review the year that was. Watch out for your invitations soon. We’re hoping you can help us answer the following question: What’s the one thing you want us to look at in 2016?
  • The Recordkeeping SPOT – We are about to publish a new section on the website called Keep & Destroy. A reminder about our website content; if you are unable to locate specific publications on our website or you find broken links, please email us to let us know.
  • Records Connect blog – Last month we published a blog called ‘Think inside the box’. It was mentioned that the outside box dimensions were not specified on the blog. It was also suggested that another helpful inclusion on the blog would be to remind everyone that in order to purchase the boxes (illustrated on the blog) through Staples, you will need to have a government account. We’re going to adjust the blog to include the updated information to assist agencies.
  1. Digital Archives

The latest information on QSA’s Project 1 Digital Archiving Design Test and Prove was presented indicating project objectives, the procurement approach, stakeholder involvement, progress to date, a roadmap, the next steps and contact details for team leaders. The group indicated an interest in obtaining a copy of the presentation – see link above.

  1. General Retention and Disposal Schedule

An update, using an infographic, was given on the work for Version 8 of the GRDS showing functions reviewed, added and modified. Consultation on this version will begin in December 2015 until the end of February 2016. During the consultation, a series of blogs will be published to provide further details on the proposed changes.

QSA are introducing a new generic trigger ‘business action completed’. The basis for this trigger comes from the ADRI (Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative) Glossary of Disposal Triggers. If you would like to know more about ADRI itself and the work they are doing in the digital recordkeeping realm, visit the CAARA site.

  1. Mailboxes

One of the agenda items raised was about mailbox management. The discussion related to when officers leave and their email inboxes need reviewing. Challenges arise due to limited resources and online storage issues. The group agreed that procedures (capture/exit) to ensure integrity of the records, training and code of conduct should be adhered to, plus nominate responsibility for the ongoing management of the mailbox (e.g. IT, legal, HR).

  1. Office 365

Another agenda item raised was the use and management of Office 365. Members were asked if anyone had implemented this product and if any business rules had been written to share with members. Some pros and cons were discussed with tips on best practice. If you have any guidelines you’d like to share, please leave a comment at the end of this blog.

  1. Managing incomplete PDF documents

This discussion was about managing incomplete PDF forms where further content was needed on the forms. Members agreed that the original should not be edited but that the original and revised versions submitted should both be captured as records. It was also suggested that if consistent information is missing, redesign the form with mandatory sections to be completed.

  1. Other

PAPG member list – request for contact details to be distributed among members. QSA will investigate obtaining permission from all members to participate and will provide further advice soon.

Enjoy networking?

You can contact us to share thoughts or ideas, as well as potential discussion items for the next meetings through these channels – email, telephone (3131 7730), blog, Twitter or Facebook.

Trish O’Connor

Administration Officer

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