2015 Unwrapped – QSA-style

Thank you to everyone who visited QSA and participated in our now annual end of year wrap-up! We were pleased to greet 27 guests from 14 different agencies. To those who were unable to make it, start making plans for next year! Don’t worry though if you missed the celebration, as here’s a wrap-up of the event.DSC01425

Once everyone had a cuppa, the excitement continued with the ‘icebreaker’ challenge. The task was to answer 10 trivia questions and one bonus question within 10 minutes. There was certainly a lot of discussion happening at all tables, with a clear winner in the end.

After trivia we moved onto business, and our A/Director Government Recordkeeping, Josephine Marsh, introduced QSA staff on deck to answer all recordkeeping queries, as well as ‘unwrap’ 2015 at QSA.

Government Recordkeeping highlights/unwrappedGRK Wrap 2015.png

  • The Recordkeeping SPOT continued to introduce new content including recent updates – Keep and Destroy
  • Supporting agencies in developing recordkeeping skills and knowledge through a survey and focus groups, resulted in some important options to look into – see our blog for more information
  • The 2014-15 Recordkeeping survey report is available on QSA’s website and for the first time individual Agency scorecards were produced.
  • We started a new type of engagement session called Extended Conversations – which included face-to-face and online events, specifically on the GRDS Lite and the Transitory Records & Short Term Value RDS.

What’s in store for 2016?

  • Agency engagement and collaboration, including continuing to build on our Extended Conversation sessions, webinars, PAPG meetings and focus groups
  • Important reviews – the Public Records Act 2002 and Digitisation Disposal Policy
  • New version 8 of the General Retention and Disposal Schedule for Administrative Records (GRDS) will be released.
  • Build on our training needs analysis that commenced in 2015
  • Work closely with those agencies who will be moving to the 1 William Street development to ensure their records are managed appropriately.

Digital Archives highlights/unwrappedDigi Wrap 2015

  • The Design, Test and Prove Project had recently kicked off looking for a digital archiving solution for the permanent value records of the Queensland Government.
  • An early market engagement session attracted 85 vendors.
  • The Expressions Of Interest (EOI) release for the project attracted market response from over 140 companies.
  • A webinar briefing session attracted 318 views!

What’s in store for 2016?

  • Evaluate responses to the EOI
  • Conduct interactive workshops to test proposals
  • Seek Cabinet approval to implement a digital archiving solution.

Transfers & File Issue highlights/unwrappedTransfers Wrap 2015

  • A record year of transfers equalling 4 km of records (double the volume of our usual yearly transfer). Check out their recent blog about archive boxes to help make the transfer transition smoother.
  • File Issue services received nearly 3,000 file retrieval requests from agencies.
  • File Issue are streamlining file issue accounts processes and long-term ‘overdues’ practices.

What’s in store for 2016?

  • Transfers will continue to work with the Courts as a key supplier agency, as well as those agencies moving to the new 1 William Street development.
  • File Issue will continue to look for solutions for scanning records offering a digital alternative.

We also want to take the opportunity to provide a big thank you to a number of agencies in response to a range of great working relationships that were established or built upon during the year.

Thank You 2015

Three important questions

Finally, we asked our guests to answer three key questions about QSA and here’s a sample of ideas generated –

  • Do well in 2015? – website (Recordkeeping SPOT, Records Connect blogs, social media); Communication (opportunities for collaboration, webinars, blogs); Schedules (lite)
  • Need to improve on? – communicating with senior management, executive to get/keep recordkeeping on their radar; auditing draft core business schedules
  • One thing to look at in 2016? – enforce the Public Records Act 2002; develop more ideas and training for ‘digital ways of working’; sector scheduling not agency scheduling, a central schedule system.

What would you have answered?

If you would like to send us some feedback, you can enter a comment to this blog, or just get in touch for a chat through email, telephone (3131 7730), blog, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.

Merry Xmas 2015

Best wishes from the

GRK Team


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