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Welcome to the fourth blog in the series about the GRDSv8. The GRDS has gone out for whole-of-government consultation and we are blogging about some of the changes you may have noticed from GRDSv7.

Look at these dapper gentlemen opening the Fish Depot in Scarborough in May 1959. Back then you most probably couldn’t sentence the records created to put on this opening, but now you can.

One of the very first decisions we made when reviewing the GRDS was to merge the Community & Government Relations functions. Hello External Relations! These 2 functions hadn’t been looked at for a long time and there were too many similarities for them to be apart. However, there had been a couple of new record classes in Government Relations in recent versions but that was the extent of any changes since 1997.

As part of the review we found that there were quite a few gaps that we needed to fill. And oh boy, haven’t we gone through some gap filler to fill them.

What have we done

External Relations is all about the relationship your agency has with external bodies, e.g. the community or other agencies.

The activities covered are:

  • Addresses (presentations) – delivered by elected officials or agency employees
  • Customer service – the management of services and the development of service charters
  • Donations – non-financial records for gifts received or given by the agency
  • External enquiries & reactions – this a merger of the previous enquiries & public reaction activities
  • Inquiries – scope notes have been re-worded
  • Liaison – only includes contact with lobbyists (all other liaison record classes are now in Common Classes)
  • Marketing – completely changed to focus on campaigns
  • Media relations – now only 1 record class for your master set of media releases
  • Program & event management – Celebrations, Ceremonies & Conference activities have been merged and a couple of new record classes have been added
  • Submissions – added submissions to the Federal Government plus Executive Council Minutes approved prior to 2010 are now permanent!!!
  • Visits – we have introduced official major delegations and routine visits that are made to or by the agency.

What we need from you

Do the scope notes make sense to you?

Are we missing any ‘see’ references?

Do you think the retention periods are too short, too long or just right?

Are there any record classes we have missed?

You have until Friday 26th February 2016 to provide your feedback on the GRDSv8.

Remember, you can contact us at any time via email, telephone, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr.

Elizabeth Harvey

Appraisal Archivist

Featured image: Opening of the Fish Depot, Scarborough, May 1959 – Digital ID: 6441

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