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As part of updating the General retention and disposal schedule (GRDS) project, we have also been looking at all the documents that mention the GRDS and beginning to review and update them. Much like these sawn logs, we have been cutting down and repurposing documents and two of the documents we want to get your input on are the retention and disposal schedule and appraisal log templates.

Retention and disposal schedule template

We have updated the retention and disposal schedule template to have the same look and feel as the GRDS. The introduction has been amended to be along the same line as the GRDS too. We’d love your feedback on whether the introduction makes more sense and any other comments on the template?

Appraisal log template

The appraisal log is the document where the background and justifications for retention periods are set out. The appraisal log template has had some major renovations done to it. As we have been developing schedules with you, we are regularly asked about the appraisal log. ‘What does business requirements mean?’ ‘What about if there is no legislation for these records?’ ‘I can’t find any other schedules to compare to?’

So what have we done? Most of the headings under ‘Justifying the retention period’ have changed to make more sense and give a better description of what needs to be included. For example:

  • Background/business process has changed to ‘Why are these records created’ – this lets users know why the records are created and included in the schedule
  • Business requirements has changed to ‘Why the records are retained for this retention period’ – this section asks you to outlines why the retention period should be set at a specific length of time – considering the different perspectives of the business, legislation and the community.
  • Permanent retention criteria has changed to ‘QSA permanent appraisal characteristics’ – which allows you to select the QSA appraisal statement characteristics the record class meets for permanent retention.

What we need from you

We would like you to review the schedule and appraisal log templates and let us know whether these changes make sense to you. We have also updated the ‘How to complete the appraisal log template’ document with helpful tips on completing the appraisal log.

Do you think there is anything missing that we should be including in the appraisal log?

Would you like the schedule and appraisal log in the same document? What would help you when you’re going through the process of developing a retention and disposal schedule?

We are also updating the ‘how to complete’ and sample documents that we have on The Recordkeeping SPOT^ under Developing or reviewing a retention and disposal schedule.

If you could provide your feedback by Friday 26th August 2016 that would be great.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, telephone, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr.

Elizabeth Harvey

Appraisal Archivist

Featured image: Logs from Fraser Island at Hynes & Son sawmill, Maryborough, 11 July 1967, Digital ID 3033

^Please note: This refers to the previous website. All QSA recordkeeping advice has moved to www.forgov.qld.gov.au/recordkeeping.

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