‘Lite’ing the GRDS

With the release of the General retention and disposal schedule (GRDS), we are also releasing an updated GRDS Lite. For those of you old enough to remember, this image from the laser light show at Expo 88 can help light the way for you to use the GRDS Lite.

What is the GRDS Lite?

The GRDS Lite is a condensed version of the GRDS and authorises the disposal of common and administrative records created by all Queensland Government agencies. The Lite does not cancel out the minimum records retention periods, as authorised in the full GRDS, which is still current and available for use.

Why does the GRDS Lite look different to other schedules?

The GRDS Lite was set up so agencies could sentence records by exception. This means that you can focus on records that are permanent, have a long-term retention period (e.g. longer than 10 years) or have a particular disposal trigger (e.g. ‘after the financial year to which the records relate’). All other record classes have been included in the “default” record class which has a 7 year retention period.

How can I use the GRDS Lite?

Classes within the Lite can be combined with classes from the full GRDS. The Lite can also be used in conjunction with an agency’s core business schedule or sector schedule.

The transitory and short term records section of the GRDS hasn’t been included in the Lite as these records can be included as part of the default record class. Or, you can continue to sentence these records under the Transitory section of the GRDS.

How do I know if this record I have would be considered significant?

In the full GRDS, we have included the criteria for significance in each record class. However, to fit within the structure of the Lite, we have included this criteria in the introduction of the schedule.

But you need to remember that the value of records can change over time. If you have come across a temporary record that you think fits into the significant criteria, contact Agency Services to find out if they fit the criteria of the QSA Appraisal Statement.

How do I decide on which schedule to use, GRDS (full) or GRDS Lite?

It’s a bit like going out for dinner and looking at the menu and there are so many good things to choose from. You could import the full schedule, or the GRDS Lite, or, you could create your own implementation schedule with a combination of record classes from both the full and Lite.

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet are one of the agencies leading the way in implementing the GRDS Lite. To read a short story about their experiences see the end of the Welcome back, Transitory blog.

If you have any questions regarding the GRDS Lite you can contact us at any time via email, telephone, blog, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Elizabeth Harvey

Appraisal Archivist

Featured image: Expo 88 laser light show, Brisbane, August 1988, Digital ID 2358

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