By popular demand, GRDS infographics

As requested by popular demand, below are some visuals providing an overview of changes to the GRDS.  Please note these Infographics are a guide ONLY. For full details of changes to the GRDS from version 7 to the current 1st September 2016 version, please see the appraisal log, the full summary of changes and other supporting documents and advice.

infographic-for-records-connect-blog-grds-overview infographic-for-records-connect-blog-grds-common-activities
infographic-for-records-connect-blog-grds-asset-management-and-collection-management infographic-for-records-connect-blog-grds-information-management
infographic-for-records-connect-blog-grds-external-relations infographic-for-records-connect-blog-grds-legal-services-and-strategic-management
infographic-for-records-connect-blog-grds-financial-management infographic-for-records-connect-blog-grds-governing-bodies-and-industrial-relations
infographic-for-records-connect-blog-grds-work-health-safety-and-workforce-management infographic-for-records-connect-blog-grds-property-management

Remember, you can contact us via email, telephone (3037 6630), blog or Twitter.


GRK Team


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