News: Have your say on government Recordkeeping Policy

Queensland State Archives has opened formal consultation on the draft Recordkeeping Policy.

The Recordkeeping Policy will replace Information Standard 31: Retention and disposal of public records and Information Standard 40: Recordkeeping.

What do you need to know about the policy?

  • It states the minimum recordkeeping requirements that agencies will need to meet.
  • Its purpose is to set out the foundational principles of recordkeeping in a simple yet clear format with the aim to lift recordkeeping capability within all Queensland public authorities and enable agencies to establish a platform to build individual fit-for-purpose recordkeeping practices.
  • There is no single approach for agencies to meet these policy requirements – each agency’s journey will be different based on profile, business environment, strategic priorities and objectives.
  • The policy requirements allow for a flexible and scalable implementation approach, so whatever the size and complexity of your agency, you can tailor your approach to meet these requirements now and in the future.

We’ve created a specific topic within the QGEA consultation portal to facilitate discussion, answer questions and post any supporting documents that may help agencies provide feedback on the policy. To help agencies meet these policy requirements, we’ll also be releasing a draft implementation guideline – this will be posted on the QGEA consultation portal for your information and feedback in the next few weeks.

How do you provide feedback?

  • If you are a Queensland Government agency, head to the QGEA consultation page and download the consultation documents. Use the included feedback form to provide a consolidated response from your agency.
  • If you are not a Queensland Government agency, please email to request consultation documents.

If you need some help providing feedback, we’re happy to workshop with you – contact us at to arrange a time for us to work through your feedback on the draft policy.

Formal consultation will close on 17th April 2018.


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