News: The new Records Governance Policy

On 29 June 2018, the State Archivist released the Records Governance Policy.

The policy replaces the following Information Standards:

  • Information Standard 31: Retention and disposal of public records
  • Information Standard 40: Recordkeeping

This policy applies to all public authorities in Queensland. It contains six policy requirements focused on enabling public authorities to develop and implement individual fit-for-purpose record and information governance practices. This allows public authorities to focus on the areas that will deliver the best return for their business and support the achievement of their strategic goals.

Developed through consultation with public authorities and private sector parties, the Records Governance Policy is part of the Queensland State Archive’s transformation project seeking to change the way records and information is managed and used in Queensland.

What do you need to know?

  • As of 29 June 2018, Information Standards 40 and Information Standard 31are now obsolete.
  • The policy’s goal is to lift Queensland’s recordkeeping to a strategic level and improve agencies capabilities to support them to achieve their strategic goals and objectives.
  • Once implemented, the Policy will result in more efficient government and greater efficiency.
  • The Records Governance Policy is focused on the what not the how – there is no single approach that agencies must follow to comply with the policy.
  • The policy requirements allow for a flexible and scalable implementation approach, so whatever the size and complexity of your agency, you can tailor your approach to meet these requirements now and in the future.

Head over to the QGCIO website for the new Records Governance Policy and the Implementation Guideline.

For more information on the Records Governance Policy, follow the blog and the Recordkeeping section of the For Government website.

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