News: Recordkeeping training is here

Today, we have released our Recordkeeping and You Awareness Training.

The Recordkeeping and You Awareness Training is part of the Recordkeeping Transformation Program, which aims to improve the standard of records and information management across government.

It is everyone’s responsibility to make and keep records of their business activities. This interactive training is designed to introduce employees to the who, what, why and how of good recordkeeping. The training outlines in simple terms the things you need to be aware of to do good recordkeeping, including:

  • what obligations and responsibilities you have for recordkeeping in your agency
  • and your responsibilities in creating, managing and disposing of records
  • the things you need to be aware of to do good recordkeeping.

The training is suitable for all employees from experienced recordkeepers to new starters and can be used for staff inductions, as a refresher or as part of a wider records management program in your agency.

The program is web-based and can be accessed via the ForGov website or you can host it internally on your agency’s e-learning management system.

The training consists of a 4 minute “edumercial” and a single module training package that takes you through the recordkeeping basics and will only take about 20 minutes to complete.

To access the training, go to the Recordkeeping section of the For Government website.

For more information about the training, or if you would like an LMS version for your agency, contact the Government Recordkeeping team on 07 3037 6630 or email

If, after you do the training, you would like to provide feedback, please email us at the above address.

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