News: The New QSA Survey is nearly here!

The Building Digital Capability – the Records Governance Policy Baseline Survey is coming soon.

The Survey is part of QSA’s Recordkeeping Transformation Program and will measure agencies’ implementation of the Records Governance Policy, and their overall recordkeeping maturity, creating a baseline from which to measure progress annually.

There has never been a more important time to understand the state of recordkeeping in Queensland. The digital landscape is evolving and the demands on agencies to adapt and keep up are increasing.

The Records Governance Policy was only released in June 2018 so the purpose of the Survey is not to catch agencies out, but rather to see where they currently sit against the new Policy requirements and to help them implement it by identifying areas for action.

The de-identified results of the Survey will be released before the end of the year and will help QSA to gain a deeper understanding of recordkeeping in Queensland agencies, and to shape ongoing initiatives to improve recordkeeping maturity.

Agencies will also be able to use the Survey to extend their understanding of the challenges, barriers and solutions to achieve effective digital recordkeeping.

For these reasons, and to get the most value of out of the process, agencies are encouraged to provide a complete, informed and accurate assessment.

For more information on the Records Governance Policy, follow the Records Connect blog and visit the Recordkeeping section of the For Government website.

For more information on the Survey, follow the Records Connect blog, sign up to our mailing list, or contact us.

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