News: Consultation opened for Recordkeeping Maturity Assessment Tool

The Recordkeeping Maturity Assessment Tool is part of the Recordkeeping Transformation Program which aims to improve the standard of records and information management across government. Effective records and information management are at the heart of open, accountable and modern government.

The Assessment Tool outlines five levels of recordkeeping maturity: undeveloped, developing, acceptable, managed and embedded. It includes examples for each level to allow agencies to assess their own maturity while providing guidance on how to transition to improved maturity and also links each level to the Records Governance Policy’s policy requirements.

Consultation has begun on the draft Assessment Tool and we strongly encourage you to share your thoughts with us. When providing feedback, please indicate if you are providing a response on behalf of your agency or yourself.

  • If you are a Queensland Government agency, head to the QGEA discussion portal and download the consultation pack or provide feedback on the portal.
  • If you are not a Queensland Government agency, please email to request a consultation pack.

For more information on the Recordkeeping Maturity Assessment Tool, follow the Records Connect blog and QSA4Gov twitter.


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