News: Release of the Recordkeeping Maturity Assessment Tool

Queensland State Archives is pleased to announce the release of the Recordkeeping Maturity Assessment Tool.

The Tool is the second part of the Recordkeeping Transformation Program which aims to improve the standard of records and information management across government agencies.  Like the Records Governance Policy (the Policy), it is part of the Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture.

The Tool provides clarity on what constitutes recordkeeping maturity in the context of the Policy. This is laid out in five levels: undeveloped, developing, acceptable, managed and embedded.  This non-mandatory, self-evaluation tool aims to providing a guide to agencies seeking to improve their maturity while preserving the flexibility and scalability of the Policy.

Effective records and information management are at the heart of open, accountable and modern government. There is great potential for the better use and reuse of records in support of evidence-based decision making and opportunities to obtain hindsight, insight and foresight from the records we create every day.

We wish to thank everyone who provided feedback during the consultation process. It was invaluable to the production of the final document.

The Tool may be found on the QGCIO website.

We’ve also developed a factsheet that gives more information about the Tool including key takeaways for Executives and Records Managers.

For more information on the Recordkeeping Maturity Assessment Tool, follow the Records Connect blog and our twitter.

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