Where on the scale do you lie?

With the release of our new self-evaluation tool to help agencies assess their recordkeeping maturity, we’d thought we’d take a moment to talk a little about how it worked.

We made the Tool for a few reasons. We wanted to:

  • Provide more guidance on what constituted recordkeeping maturity in light of the Records governance policy
  • Support agencies seeking to determine a path for themselves towards recordkeeping maturity
  • Help agencies interested in assessing their own maturity, identifying weaknesses or gaps and receiving direction for improvements.

During development, we looked at national and international examples of information and records management maturity tools such as the Office of the Information Commissioner’s Maturity of information management – self assessment. We looked at why we though a tool specifically built on the Records Governance Policy was necessary and the best way to present this information

The Recordkeeping maturity assessment tool outlines five levels of recordkeeping maturity: undeveloped, developing, acceptable, managed and embedded. There are examples for each level to help agencies place themselves along the scale. Each level is also linked back to the Record governance policy’s requirements.


Pictured above –  part of the Tool

Agencies can use this tool to not only to self-assess their maturity but also to place improvements. By identifying weaknesses and strengths, agencies can plot a path to improve by identifying the level that they want to achieve and the characteristics that make up that level.

We’re currently speaking with our website team to determine how the tool could be made available as an online interactive tool with automatic calculation.

The Tool may be found on the QGCIO website.

We’ve also developed a factsheet that gives more information about the Tool including key takeaways for Executives and Records Managers.

For more information on the Recordkeeping Maturity Assessment Tool, follow the Records Connect blog and our twitter.

Got thoughts to share on the Recordkeeping maturity assessment tool? Leave a comment below or contact us at rkqueries@archives.qld.gov.au.

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