News: New guideline for Building information modelling (BIM) records

On the 15 May 2019, the State Archivist approved a new Guideline and two new disposal authorisations to cover the management and disposal of BIM records.

What is BIM

Building information modelling (BIM) is the digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a building, piece of physical infrastructure or environment.

BIM graphical and non-graphical information are public records if they are created or received by a public authority in transaction of its business activities and processes.

Why are BIM Records important

From 1 July 2019, BIM is to be used when the design, delivery and asset management of all new major construction projects costed at $50 million or more commence a business case, and those involving significant alterations, extensions, renovations and repurposing of existing assets.

A key action of the State Infrastructure Plan (SIP) is to implement BIM into all major state infrastructure projects by 2023 to promote a more efficient procurement and better use of existing assets.

In November 2018, Cabinet approved the BIM Principles and noted QSA will release advice on managing and disposing of BIM records by 31 July 2019.

The Guideline and disposal authorisations support this Cabinet direction.

What is the scope of the Guideline

The Building information modelling records guideline:

How long you keep BIM records will depend on their value. The common activities section of the General Retention and Disposal Schedule includes disposal authorisation for BIM records (2422 and 2421).

The transitory and short-term records section also includes disposal authorisation for Routine computer operations (1270), which may include BIM records only required for a short period of time and do not have ongoing or enduring value.

See the guideline and/or the record classes in the GRDS for full details and lists of example records and exclusions.


QSA has been a member of the Whole of Government BIM Working Group, chaired by State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning, since the establishment of the group in 2016.

QSA is also a member of the Department of Housing and Public Works BIM Working Group, and is co-lead with Qld Government Chief Information Office of the BIM Data Working Group, which will look at the lifecycle of BIM Records and identification and development of other guidelines/standards on the management of BIM Records (e.g. security, data governance etc).

These are important strategic partnerships for QSA, and assist us in understanding the challenges and opportunities in creating and managing digital records, building recordkeeping maturity, and to understand the flow of public information through different public authorities.

More on BIM

Keep an eye out for further publications and advice on the management of BIM Records.

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