A farewell to ArchivesOne

For those of you who may not know, June was the month we introduced our new Archival Management System, ArchivesSpace. June was also the month we bid farewell to our former Archival Management System, ArchivesOne.

Queensland State Archives’ (QSA) first fully automated catalogue system, ArchivesOne was implemented back in 1998. Before this, archiving processes were completely manual, aided only by the dBase and Microsoft Access programs.

The then new ArchivesOne system had the ability to generate reports, print labels and enabled the use of templates to upload and update archival metadata. At the time it was cutting edge technology.

ArchivesOne Development

ArchivesOne was developed and implemented by Technology One and it proved to be an interactive and collaborative project alongside QSA staff.

Onsite analysts adopted a very hands-on approach developing each facet of the system. They worked closely with staff in each team learning exactly what they needed the system to do, as well as problem solving and trouble-shooting issues that arose along the way.

Changes Afoot

Moving to a new automated system was an exciting and welcome change for QSA’s File Issue Team. The new system saved time with easier tracking and labelling processes.

Changes too were afoot for the Transfers team. They breathed a sigh of relief as ArchiveOne’s new template import function meant that agencies now sent in their own item lists on a template with their transferred records.  Instead of listing the items themselves, now all they had to do was hit a button to ingest the items!

Changes were also big for QSA’s onsite and online users. By July 2000 researchers were accessing the catalogue digitally from the ArchivesSearch website, as well as the public interface in the Reading Room. All thanks to ArchivesOne!

During 2007 and 2008 ArchivesOne was refreshed and moved to a new platform. This allowed Image Queensland, a digital content module, to be added. This module gave users online access to digitised copies of archival public records, again a first for QSA, increasing the accessibility of Queensland’s unique history.

Some ArchivesOne fun facts!

Archives One Statistics 1998 – 17 June 2020Pre-Archives One prior to 1998 – 16 June 2020From 1998 – 17 June 2020 (created in Archives One)As at 19 June 2020
Total items258,7193,191,1653,449,884
Total series created91717,73218,649
Total agencies registered3,8222,1315,953
Total transfers1,2603,4634,723
Total digital images49,27649,276
Total files issued68,41468,414
Total items retrieved to the Reading Room474,856474,856
Number of researchers signed up11,66730,74042,407

Farewell ArchivesOne

All of this was made possible from the humble ArchivesOne system. Farewell ArchivesOne. We thank you for your service.

If you want to know more about our new system, particularly the new agency portal ArchivesGateway, check out our news item launching the new ArchivesGateway portal and our special ArchivesGateway edition of QCN.

You can also visit our revamped search platform at ArchivesSearch or come and visit us in the Reading Room at Runcorn.

As always, you can get in touch via email, blog, or telephone.

Featured image: Train bridge on Main Range, Toowoomba, c1870, QSA Item ID DR3063

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