Paper files to digital bytes

Technology is everywhere. It’s amazing to think back just a decade or two to see the changes to technology and how much we do now that is completely or mostly digital. You can renew your licence online now and don’t need to talk to anyone, even banking is done mostly online without having to step… Continue Reading →

Annual records round-up – sentencing

When you’re mustering your records at the end of the year – there are a few things you need to know about sentencing. Finding and using a schedule Most of the current authorised retention and disposal schedules can be found using our special retention and disposal schedule search. You can search by QDAN number, schedule… Continue Reading →

Reclaim your space

The final blog in our series about reducing paper mountains, you need to ask yourself, how can you prevent these paper mountains from happening again? There’s no point scaling Everest if you have to mount another expedition in a few years time. Here are some tips we’ve gathered from agencies who have already successfully scaled… Continue Reading →

Lists, lists and more lists

In our continuing series on reducing paper mountains, we bring you some advice about disposal. As part of your disposal activities, you will need evidence that lawful disposal of your public records has taken place and was endorsed by your CEO or authorised delegate. You can get the endorsement in whichever format works for your… Continue Reading →

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