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You may have heard that the next local government election will be held in March 2016 and the months running up to the election can be hectic for records teams. This blog is a follow up to the recent Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) circular reminder about the recordkeeping requirements for Council records. The... Continue Reading →

Today’s digital records for future generations

On Monday 3rd August 2015, Leeanne Enoch MP, Minister for Science and Innovation, visited Queensland State Archives to announce the imminent release of a worldwide “Expression of Interest” to build the Queensland Government’s first Digital Archive. The digital archive will provide Queensland State Archives with a means of managing long-term the rapidly growing volume of... Continue Reading →

We recognise that a lot of our customers struggle with putting the requirements of the Public Records Act 2002 into practice. We think that the most challenging part is actually working out what a record is in the first place! For us, it’s even more challenging to find new and exciting ways of communicating this to our... Continue Reading →

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