Unwrapping RAPs

It might not be Christmas yet, but we’re getting into the wrapping early. Or in this case RAP’ing. Ok, so we’re not actually talking about wrapping presents, or the musical genre either. Here at QSA we have our own RAP, a Restricted Access Period (RAP) and that’s what we’re getting into. RAPs are a crucial... Continue Reading →

Think inside the box

When is an archive box not an archive box? Archive boxes can come in all shapes and sizes, but at QSA we are very particular about what makes the grade. When transferring standard-sized records to QSA they need to be placed in a Type 1 archive box with the dimensions given below. Suitable boxes are... Continue Reading →

The MOG Blog

Are you prepared for a machinery-of-government change? Here’s our MOG Checklist to help you get ready. Get ready Find out what type of MOG it is, what functions or agencies are impacted and if the legislation includes a provision for the records. Identify all public records of the function(s) involved in the change – this... Continue Reading →

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