Lists, lists and more lists

In our continuing series on reducing paper mountains, we bring you some advice about disposal. As part of your disposal activities, you will need evidence that lawful disposal of your public records has taken place and was endorsed by your CEO or authorised delegate. You can get the endorsement in whichever format works for your... Continue Reading →

Extending the conversations

Here in Government Recordkeeping, we know the value of a good conversation. You know the type, where you get the opportunity to air your thoughts, feel listened to, learn from others and be inspired by their tales of successes (and, at times, failures!). When you have these conversations you realise you’re not alone; you’re part... Continue Reading →

Cast your ballot here!

You may have heard that the next local government election will be held in March 2016 and the months running up to the election can be hectic for records teams. This blog is a follow up to the recent Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) circular reminder about the recordkeeping requirements for Council records. The... Continue Reading →

Tanki-chi anyone?

No, we haven’t started on a new get fit regime. Tanki-chi, which is Japanese for short term value, was the title of our working draft for the new Transitory Records and Short Term Retention and Disposal Schedule (QDAN720v1). QDAN720v1 is a flexible tool enabling agencies to manage and destroy records that are not required to... Continue Reading →

Simplifying disposal authorisation requirements

Removing barriers and implementing efficient disposal programs is currently the main focus for Government Recordkeeping. Check out our Digitisation Disposal Policy and the Managing public records when decommissioning business systems methodology and toolkit for changes which simplify disposal authorisation requirements. What needed simplifying? We found that the final disposal of public records differed depending on... Continue Reading →

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