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Yes, this is the right blog…

It’s a new year and we’ve given our blog a makeover! Along with a new look, you’ll notice there are also some new features. So what’s different and why did we do this?

2015 Unwrapped – QSA-style

Thank you to everyone who visited QSA and participated in our now annual end of year wrap-up! We were pleased to greet 27 guests from 14 different agencies. To those who were unable to make it, start making plans for next year! Don’t worry though if you missed the celebration, as here’s a wrap-up of […]
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I didn’t know you did all of this at QSA!

Over a three-week period, Agency Services hosted a student from Southbank TAFE who is studying the Diploma of Library and Information Services. We created a work plan to give Emma a feel of the different units at QSA as well doing a small project for us. Here is Emma’s work experience story. As a Diploma […]
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It’s our 1st blogiversary!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ready to party like the 1961 Lands Department Recreation Club (above). Why, you ask? Records Connect is turning one! That’s right, we’ve now been blogging for an entire year. That’s 37 posts covering all sorts of topics ranging from social media to MOGS to a complete overhaul […]
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Our house is your house

Over here! Over here! We have moved our recordkeeping blog site over here! The Government Recordkeeping team have moved all of their content from the main QSA blog over to our very own dedicated recordkeeping blog. “Why?” we hear you ask.  So we can talk about all things records till we’re blue in the face! […]
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The year that was in government recordkeeping

2014 was a big year for Government Recordkeeping. Here are the highlights!   2014 started with some of our staff filming clips about their favourite records in the 50km of archives at QSA for our YouTube channel. Check out Josephine Marsh and Ruth Dickson’s videos to see what their favourites are! In March version 7 […]
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Keeping records together celebration wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who joined in our first Keeping records together celebration on Wednesday 17 December.  We hope you had a great time and thank you for your feedback and participation. Did you miss the celebration? Never fear, here is a wrap up of the morning! On arrival, our guests registered, grabbed their Christmas name badges […]
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Social media sandpit

Two words: social media. It’s a problem for government recordkeepers. Do we trust the Facebooks, the Twitters and the Flickrs of the world to manage our information for us? They feed on data after all, provide the best platform for viewing and accessing that information, and aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon. Or do we […]
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Testing the waters of a recordkeeping blog

Welcome to our first blog. The Government Recordkeeping and the Digital Archives Teams are dipping our toes into the blogging pool. Given we plan to blog once a fortnight, we’ll soon be fully immersed! There are so many things to write and talk about in the recordkeeping and IM world, but for now we’d like […]
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