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A New World of Information Needs New Thinking

The rapid and transformative change of the way data and information is created and used has meant we need to reimagine the way we do retention and disposal. Currently, agencies use disposal authorisations to help determine what records to keep and for how long. Under the Public Records Act 2002, a disposal authorisation is required…

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What records do I need to keep?

We know it’s not always easy to put the requirements of the Public Records Act 2002 into practice.  An important and sometimes challenging part can be working out what a public record is in the first place! We developed our What records do I need to keep? cheat sheet to help make the process of…

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Introducing GRIP

Hi everyone, We know the last 18 months have  been a challenging time for most people, not only because society and the working day has been redefined by Covid-19 but, particularly for our industry, it’s highlighted both the need for good recordkeeping and the challenges to achieving that. We’ve been a bit quiet during this…

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Using Human Centred Design

Brands around the world like Netflix and Dominoes create ways to hook us in, to create understanding and through that seek to influence us to choose to spend our time with them rather than their competitors. With all the tasks and pieces of administrivia that demand our attention every day, recordkeeping is also finding itself…

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