Video – Are you prepared for a disaster?

We all know Queensland is known for its changing weather conditions, particularly in summer, and we experience significant weather events and disaster on a regular basis. With the disaster season already started, we pulled together a quick video with 5 tips to help you prepare for a disaster and protect your records. Don't forget, we... Continue Reading →

High-value records

Having trouble identifying your high-value records? Then today’s blog post is for you! Policy Requirement 4 in the Records Governance Policy requires agencies to actively manage permanent, high-value and high-risk records and information as a priority. Today, we’re talking about how to determine which of your records are high-value. There are a number of different... Continue Reading →

Protecting your records in a disaster

With yet another storm warning bearing down on Queenslanders, many of us will be reminded of the Queensland floods and cyclones that hit in 2010-2011, and then again early 2013. Not to mention the more recent hail events that have seen many of us lined up again with our insurance companies! The 2010-2011 Queensland natural... Continue Reading →

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