GRDS conversations meet the challenge

Earlier this year we started a conversation with you about the future of the General Retention & Disposal Schedule for Administrative Records (GRDS)^. Looking at the five challenges we presented in our GRDS Renewal discussion paper, we were pleased to note that most of you liked the options presented, plus added a few more. We’ve... Continue Reading →

Structure of the GRDS

Following on from our previous blog – Expanding the GRDS – we're asking if it would be easier for your business if we did away with functions and only had activities that could be used under any function? In the feedback you've given us so far, we've received opinions for and against this idea. For the against... Continue Reading →

GRDS Renewal continues on in 2015

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015! Thank you to everyone who came to our Keeping records together celebration on Wednesday 17th December 2014 and to those who came and spoke with us about the GRDS renewal discussion paper^. We definitely enjoyed having a frank and open conversation about the GRDS! Check out our Blog Keeping records... Continue Reading →

Simplifying disposal authorisation requirements

Removing barriers and implementing efficient disposal programs is currently the main focus for Government Recordkeeping. Check out our Digitisation Disposal Policy and the Managing public records when decommissioning business systems methodology and toolkit for changes which simplify disposal authorisation requirements. What needed simplifying? We found that the final disposal of public records differed depending on... Continue Reading →

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