What records do I need to keep?

We know it’s not always easy to put the requirements of the Public Records Act 2002 into practice.  An important and sometimes challenging part can be working out what a public record is in the first place!

We developed our What records do I need to keep? cheat sheet to help make the process of identifying records easier. During that process we asked the simple question – how DO you know what records you need to keep?

Really it comes down to two things:

It sounds fairly easy, but what does that mean when applying it in the real world?

We’ve tried to keep it simple by reducing the criteria for knowing what records to keep down to four key areas – if you answer yes to any of below four questions then you need to keep records.

Our one page cheat sheet (including record examples) is a great tool for your office area to have on hand as a quick reference when making, using and deleting records.

You can download it and edit it to suit your business. You can change the examples and tailor it to the types of records and information you create. You might even create multiple variations for different parts of your business e.g. HR and Finance.

For more information you can visit our getting started with records management page on our website.

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