Digital Archiving project update

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We’re excited to share with you that QSA has commenced working on Tranche 2 of the Digital Archive Program: the capability for the Digital Preservation and Storage of permanent digital born records.

Tranche 1 saw the design and implementation of our new Archival Management System (comprising of ArchivesSpace, ArchivesGateway and ArchivesSearch).  The focus of Tranche 2 is creating the capability for QSA to preserve, manage and store born digital records that have cultural and historical significance to Queensland government and the community.

Tranche 2 is adopting the same project methodology as was successfully implemented in Tranche 1, working with departmental and external partners on the build of a Digital Archive. This work commenced earlier this month with four key milestones established across the project.

There are four key milestones for Tranche 2:

A part of QSA’s role is to establish the service model for our clients to make the transfer and access to records within the Digital Archive as painless as possible. Alongside this work we will be reviewing our policies and processes to support our Agency partners.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and sadly nor will the Digital Archive, so we will share with you through GRN regular updates on the project.

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