Mixing your records… Don’t do it!

You can mix your drinks or your ingredients for a cake, but don’t mix your records. That is, don’t mix your personal, private, party-political, constituent, or electoral communication or information with your public records. This could be records in any form: emails, letters, apps, social media, or even spreadsheets just to mention a few! And... Continue Reading →

News: QSA launches new ArchivesGateway portal for agencies

Queensland State Archives (QSA) has launched its new secure self-service portal for agencies–ArchivesGateway. ArchivesGateway is designed specifically for agencies and the services QSA provides them. Through ArchivesGateway agencies now: have full visibility of all their records at QSA, including records subject to a restricted access period and those with closed metadatahave streamlined access to QSA... Continue Reading →

And that’s a RAP

If you’ve ever transferred records to us here at QSA, you would have received a Restricted Access Period notice from us. Affectionately known as RAPs in our part of the world, they are crucial to the work we do. But to some of you out there they could seem a bit of a mystery. What... Continue Reading →

Video: The benefits of recordkeeping in government

This video provides a quick overview of the information in the joint publication with the Queensland State Archives and the Crime and Corruption Commission Public records: Advice for all employees of a public authority. This a guide to get an insight into the value of recordkeeping for Queensland public authorities and answers some of those... Continue Reading →

Query of the month: Assessment and proof of identity records as part of a personal file

We recently had an interesting query about what records should be kept on someone’s personnel file, in particular things like proof of identity, recruitment and selection documentation, right to work documentation, and criminal history checks. While all these records provide evidence for the recruitment and selection activity and the employee’s service history, they all serve... Continue Reading →

Video: Using the vulnerable persons guideline

This video, part 4 in the vulnerable persons video series, takes a look at recordkeeping around vulnerable persons. This video will look a bit more closely at what the guideline includes and how it can help your recordkeeping. You can find the guideline and other information on the Records relating to vulnerable persons page on... Continue Reading →

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