Wrapping lessons

Despite the title, we’re not talking about wrapping presents or a baby in a blanket or anything else that needs wrapping up, we’re talking about Restricted Access Periods – RAPs for short. If you’ve been following us on twitter and here on the blog, you’ll know we’ve been talking about RAPs and the project we’ve... Continue Reading →

Unwrapping RAPs

It might not be Christmas yet, but we’re getting into the wrapping early. Or in this case RAP’ing. Ok, so we’re not actually talking about wrapping presents, or the musical genre either. Here at QSA we have our own RAP, a Restricted Access Period (RAP) and that’s what we’re getting into. RAPs are a crucial... Continue Reading →

News: QSA client satisfaction survey for government clients released

We have released our annual client satisfaction survey. The survey is designed to gather feedback from Queensland Government clients about our File Issue, Transfers, Preservation and Government Recordkeeping services and initiatives. This information will be used to identify what initiatives, resources and client engagement activities have been working well and what areas may need improvements.... Continue Reading →

Forming new forms

As you probably know, (we’ve shared this before), we here at QSA have a Digital Recordkeeping Transformation Program simmering away. In other words, we’ve not just been walking down the digital path but we’ve also been looking at what we can do in the recordkeeping space to help agencies do this too! We looked at... Continue Reading →

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