Conducting an assessment of your recordkeeping

A little while ago QSA released the Recordkeeping maturity assessment tool (RMAT). Agencies can use the Tool to: self-assess their recordkeeping maturity support their planning to improve recordkeeping maturity. Today’s blog post is about how you can use the RMAT to do both. Assessing your recordkeeping maturity You can use the RMAT as part of... Continue Reading →

Approved system

Business systems are systems that help your agency to achieve their goals. They create or manage data about an organisation’s activities and are designed to support undertaking a specific business process or processes. All agencies use business systems and applications to do their work. Larger agencies might use hundreds of them every day. These systems... Continue Reading →

Forming new forms

As you probably know, (we’ve shared this before), we here at QSA have a Digital Recordkeeping Transformation Program simmering away. In other words, we’ve not just been walking down the digital path but we’ve also been looking at what we can do in the recordkeeping space to help agencies do this too! We looked at... Continue Reading →

Be prepared! The Baseline Survey is coming.

The Building Digital Capability – the Records Governance Policy Baseline Survey is coming soon The Survey is based on the new Records Governance Policy (launched in June 2018) and links to QSA’s Recordkeeping Transformation Program. The results will establish a baseline against which future surveys can be measured. The new Survey wants to know all... Continue Reading →

News: The New QSA Survey is nearly here!

The Building Digital Capability – the Records Governance Policy Baseline Survey is coming soon. The Survey is part of QSA’s Recordkeeping Transformation Program and will measure agencies’ implementation of the Records Governance Policy, and their overall recordkeeping maturity, creating a baseline from which to measure progress annually. There has never been a more important time... Continue Reading →

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