Query of the month – Recordkeeping in the cloud

Disclaimer: The below query has been made available for general information sharing purposes only. The advice provided was valid at the time of release and we realise the application of our response may vary from agency to agency. We recommend you also check your local policies and procedures for any requirements specific to your circumstances.... Continue Reading →

Reporting on recordkeeping

So, we’ve built our recordkeeping house, but as we all know you need to maintain the house… from weekly housework to changing lightbulbs to fixing broken things to a full repaint. Yep, we’re talking about monitoring your recordkeeping and all that entails. No matter how big or small your agency is, you probably have to... Continue Reading →

Rules is rules… and document those rules

Welcome back to the lovely town of Lamington. In past blog posts we’ve looked at building your records governance framework and identifying your various requirements. Now we’re starting to look at how you implement it all. Part of the records framework (I won’t say house) is fit-for-purpose documentation. What documentation you have will depend on... Continue Reading →

Requirements requirements!

We’ve already looked at how developing your records governance framework is like building a house. But other than the fact that you need walls, a roof, probably a kitchen, some bedrooms etc, what are the other things you specifically need? Do you want 1 or 3 bedrooms? A media room and a lounge room, or... Continue Reading →

Building a recordkeeping house

Recordkeeping in your agency is kind of like your house – you can do lots of things in your house to make it yours and suit your needs, like hang pictures, change curtains, and paint walls. And then of course there are some things you need to do to make sure your house stays nice,... Continue Reading →

The FAQs of the RGP

It’s been over a year now since the Records Governance Policy was released, and you’ve had a chance to get used to it and start thinking about how to make it work in your agency. In that time, you’ve asked us some questions… what to do, how to do it, what does this bit mean... Continue Reading →

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